Why Do You Need A Proper Soft Contact Lens Consultation?


Dr Carina Trinh is a proud member of the Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia (CCLSA) and Orthokeratology Society of Oceania (OSO). This enables her to keep up to date with the latest and greatest in contact lens technology so that she can better serve her patients to provide them with comfortable and clear vision.


Soft contact lens technology is rapidly evolving with new products being released several times a year. Pretty much all prescriptions are available in contact lenses these days, however, an experienced practitioner is required to present suitable options to the patient.


New technologies aim to improve both comfort and vision through contact lenses. Patients are often surprised when I tell them that contact lenses are actually suitable for their prescriptions.


What's involved in a Contact Lens Consultation Package at Carina Eye Care?


  • Glasses prescription check (if necessary)
  • Slit-lamp examination to assess the surface of your eyes for risk of dryness symptoms and irritation
  • On-eye assessment of contact lenses
  • Contact lens insertion & removal education or review
  • Contact lens lubricant eye drops and maintenance cleaning products review
  • Hand hygiene and lens handling review
  • Sample lenses to take home and trial
  • Prescription check over the top of contact lenses to optimise vision
  • Follow-up examinations to look for signs of contact lens complications such as bumps underneath the eyelid (papillae), unwanted blood vessel growth (corneal neovascularisation)


Pricing for Contact Lens Consultation Packages


$100 First Time Simple Fit

$150 First Time Complex Fit
$50 Simple Previous Wearer

$70 Complex Previous Wearer


Pricing may vary from time to time depending on the individual situation. It will be best to book an appointment to determine a quote.


This cost is not claimable on Medicare, however, may be packaged as part of your contact lens cost and be claimable through health insurance if followed through with a purchase of a supply.


What can contact lenses be used for?


✔️ Myopia
(short-sightedness 近视)


✔️ Hyperopia
(long-sightedness 远视)


✔️ Astigmatism (散光)


✔️ Presbyopia (老花)


✔️ Reducing myopia progression


✔️ Vision correction
(no day-time glasses/contacts)


✔️ Keratoconus


✔️ Corneal grafts


✔️ Dry Eye Treatment


✔️ Bandage Contact Lenses
(therapeutic use for recurrent corneal erosions
or abrasions from trauma)

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