Where Can I Donate My Old Glasses?


“I paid a fortune for these!”

“I don’t want to see them go to waste!”

“I hope someone else can get some use out of these.”


These are just some of the reasons people think of Lions Recycle for Sight.


The next question is always…. How do I donate my specs?


Option 1 – Some of your local optometrists, aged care facilities and Invocare Funeral homes may have a collection box.


Option 2 – Find your local Lions Club to see if they have collection points (You can contact them here - ) Our Lions Clubs are involved in so many different projects around the country, why not check them out? You may have more to offer than just your old glasses!!


Option 3 – If all else fails you can send your glasses (and hearing aids) to:

Reply Paid 3021 Lions Recycle for Sight PO Box 3021 CLONTARF MDC 4019


Please note if you choose to send your glasses to this address, please remove them from any cases they may be in. A little bubble wrap or a padded bag is all you need.